Friday, January 10, 2014

Farewell Chico State and Ghosts Animation

Grades were posted about a week ago and I am officially done with college! Much thanks to Frank Pereira, John Pozzi, Jeff Underwood, Clark Steinbeck, and Mark Pullyblank for all of your help.  I worked incredibly hard during school and outside of school on animating and video game design.  
I finished this piece the other day.  I wanted to do something with cool stretching and fast movement.  I really like the Malcolm rig and love using the picker.  It really makes selection of the rigs parts a lot quicker and is well organized and easy to make your own custom pages with other rigs.   Thanks for your continued help Mark P. Thanks for checking my blog out! Enjoy! ;D

Anim MIGhosts9 Thompson Mark from Mark Thompson on Vimeo.

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