Friday, August 23, 2013

Beginning of the End

This was my last week of Summer break from CSU Chico, on Monday the 26th I am entering my final semester!  I finished a drawing for a boy named Daniel who is 9 years old.  My good friend Matt Wilson brought over several toys of Daniels a few weeks ago wanting me to draw them.  I was told he watched "Rocket Monkeys," so that is the look I went with. Here are the pictures I took of the toy for reference, and the final image.

I dedicated my final summer vacation to animation and getting better at it.  In my final week of break I finished an alarm wake up animation and went back to the first animation I did during the first week of break almost three months ago.  Looking back at the original piece from three months ago I can see I have learned a lot and figured out a lot during these 3 months, but also see that I have a long, long, long way to go, and am looking forward to absorbing as much knowledge as I can from John Pozzi and Mark Pullyblank in the next few months. Enjoy and thanks for looking at my blog!(no sound alarm, sound Big Trouble)

Anim AlarmWakeUp Thompson Mark from Mark Thompson on Vimeo.

Anim Morpheous Big Trouble Jack Reason6 Thompson Mark from Mark Thompson on Vimeo.

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